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Vendor info 2019


Your vending fee must be paid before you set up.  Fee is $35 per 12' x 12' space.  If you still need to pay for your vending space, here you go:


Anytime after 8:00 AM.  You may set up a canopy only (no merchandise) the night before, but be advised there is no overnight security.  The Festival begins at 10:00 AM.


You may unload in the turnaround (see map).  Once you're unloaded, please move your vehicle to the parking lot BEFORE you begin setup.  If you have stuff that rolls you can wrangle it over the curb, or you can go through the curb cut (see the star on the map)


Vendors are on the second tier of the amphitheater, on the grass.  I'll assign everyone a booth number before (and possibly RIGHT before) July 18th.  Check the map if you haven't already.


Uh, there aren't any.  It's...rustic!  ;)  You'll need to bring your own table, chair, and shelter/canopy.  No dedicated power, no wifi, no bathrooms with running water (Porta Potties, baby!), no Starbucks...

If you're required to collect sales tax, the rate for unincorporated Gig Harbor is 8.5%.  If you're a dancer selling your used costumes, this probably doesn't apply to you.  If you're unsure, ask me.


Bring a picnic lunch, bring water to stay hydrated.

Everything about Raq the Harbor Hafla is family-friendly.  Just sayin'.

If you haven't had exposure to Middle Eastern dance and all its variations before, welcome to our world and enjoy the show!

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