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Vendors, please register here:  



Your vending fee must be paid before you set up.  Fee is $35 per 12' x 12' space.  If you still need to pay for your vending space, here you go:


Anytime after 9:00 AM.  The Festival begins at noon and ends at 5:00 PM
BYO tables and chairs

      *IMPORTANT*  Your canopy must be weighted down with at least 10 lbs at each leg.  Tent             stakes are not allowed at the park.  Commercially-made canopy weights can be                         purchased, or more economical methods are below:

        Easy DIY tip: a 2-liter soda bottle, when filled with water, weighs 4.4 pounds. 

            3 soda bottles securely attached at each corner would do the trick. 
            A 1-gallon jug of water weighs 8.3 lbs.
            2 liters of sand is about 8 pounds - 2 on each leg would be more than enough

        More complicated DIY tip:  a soda bottle filled with quick-set concrete will weigh even                more.  An eye bolt inserted in the bottle opening as it dries makes securing your                      weights a snap.

        "Let's make it a project" method:  DIY Canopy Weights - Create Whimsy


Vendor booths will be located along the north and east sides of the field (Ray Nash Dr and 36th St NW)

Level loading in/out area
Your booth area will be marked with your booth number 


Restrooms available inside the Arletta Schoolhouse, adjacent to the field

Small general store across the street
Sorry, no power available


Details for vendor parking aren't finalized yet, but I expect to reserve the small parking lot beside (not in front of) the Arletta Schoolhouse for vendors. Stay tuned!

If you're required to collect sales tax, the rate for unincorporated Gig Harbor is 8.9%.  If you're a dancer selling your used costumes, this probably doesn't apply to you.  If you're unsure, ask me.


Bring a picnic lunch, bring water to stay hydrated.

Coming from out of town?  Lodging in Gig Harbor

                                              Camping in Gig Harbor - there's only one!

                                              Camping further out

Everything about Raq the Harbor Hafla is family-friendly.  Just sayin'.

If you haven't had exposure to Middle Eastern dance and all its variations before, welcome to our world and enjoy the show!

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