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Hasani's Haflas are community dance events supported by your donations. 


THANK YOU for your on-going support!

Since 1991, Hasani's Hafla has been a warm and nurturing environment for baby dancers and professionals alike to share their talents with us.  

Hasani has long encouraged her dance students to patronize dance events and immerse themselves in exposure to as many dancers (and their individual styles) as their pocket books will allow. Bear in mind, however, that there will always be dance students for whom trips to Seattle or Portland restaurants and clubs is just not do-able. (Think starving students, single moms, seniors on fixed incomes, etc) 

There was a need for students to see other dancers and try the stage themselves no matter what their resources were. Pierce county needed......a Hafla. 

Hasani's Hafla has always been funded by voluntary at-the-door donations, proceeds from vending, and income from Hasani's regular teaching and performance gigs are usually tapped as well. Hasani considers her Haflas an on-going gift to the dance community and feels very strongly that the benefit to us as a dance community outweighs the work and financial scramble involved to keep Hafla going. :) 

Four times a year, Hasani's Hafla overflows with music, dancing, friends,, and laughter. Please consider a contribution as an investment in our on-going dance community.

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