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We're online one more year, folks.  :( I know there's lots of space to spread out and practice social distancing for the audience, but the crowded dressing tent is not a safe option for now, nor are the restrooms.  Additionally, my biggest concern is the safety of a medically fragile person who lives with me.  You may feel perfectly safe spending the day in public, but we're not there yet.


So what kind of dancing will we see?

          Mostly Middle Eastern Dance, also called Raqs Sharqi or bellydance.  Hasani's Hafla showcases dancers of all ages              and all skill levels, from determined hobbyist to seasoned professional.  The term "Middle Eastern Dance" includes            styles from cabaret to classical to folkloric to tribal.  Bellydance lends itself well to fusion,  so we may be treated                  to themed or fantasy performances, too!

Can I bring the kids?

          Absolutely!  Hasani's Haflas are always family-friendly!

How much is admission?

          Hasani's Haflas are funded by your kind donations, so there is no admission fee.  You can make your donation                    beforehand by clicking the "Support Us" link, or you can make your donation the day of the Hafla at the                                donation box at the announcer's tent.  Nobody will be checking to see if  you donated or not, but we hope you will            anyway!  Renting Porta Potties and stuff costs money!

Speaking of Porta Potties....

          Yup, two rented portable restrooms will be on site at the Amphitheater.  There are regular restrooms with running            water down the hill at the main Pavilion, but it's a bit of a hike. 

I don't see any seats in the photos.  Do we bring our own chairs?

          Yup.  This will be what I like to call "Moroccan style" seating, which means bring your own camp chair, blanket,                    comfy cushions, oriental rug, whatever. 


Can I bring my own canopy for shade?

          You bet, as long as you're not blocking anyone else's view of the stage.   Feel free to make yourself a comfy little                  camp for the day.  :)

Will there be food on site?

          **Update:  It looks like we're striking out with food truck this year - everyone's already booked for July 21st.                          So...there's plenty of room to bring your cooler and stake out a lovely viewing spot.  Picnic in the Amphitheater,                  everyone!**  Oh, I hope so!  PenMet Parks will allow one food truck on site, and I'm still working on finding one                  that isn't already booked all summer.  There are no restaurants or groceries nearby, so by all means bring a picnic              if  you like.

Is this a pet friendly park?

        You bet!  Just be a responsible pet owner - you know the drill.  :)

What's in the really big tent?

          It's the dancers' dressing room.  Only dancers are allowed, so if you go in there I will make you dance on stage for              us.  Probably in a costume that doesn't fit.

Can I take video of the performances?

          At an outdoor event like this, YES!  At an indoor Hafla, no.

What if it rains?

          This is Western Washington after all.  We can handle a few sprinkles off and on, but if it really rains, Raq the                        Harbor Hafla is off.  Sorry, but a canopy big enough to cover the stage wasn't in the budget.  In the unlikely event                we do get rained out, there's always the possibility of a big ol' party at my dance studio on Kimball Drive instead.  :)

Lodging in Gig Harbor?

          Here you go: Gig Harbor Lodging

Got any maps?

          You betcha!  Maps

But I've got a question you didn't answer here!

       Ask away!

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