Dancers will need to participate using Zoom.  If you're not familiar with it yet, it's easy and I'll talk you through it.  You'll need an internet device (laptop, tablet, desktop, phone) plus a camera and microphone.  Most devices already have these built in.  If not, you'll need an external one.


Check it out:  zoom.us

The quality of your Zoom video depends on:

  •      The strength and stability of your internet connection

  •      The quality of your camera and mic

  •      The lighting in your chosen dance spot

Some built-in cameras are great, some are not.  It's perfectly ok to work with whatever you have.  You don't have to spend money on an upgrade unless you want to.



Hopefully you’ve already sent me your bio.  If you haven’t sent it yet, please email it to HasaniHafla@gmail.com no later than Wednesday, July 15th at noon.



If you can't make it for any reason, email HasaniHafla@gmail.com or call 253-858-2755



If you've participated in the previous Zoom Hafla you're fine.  If not, I'll need to do a quick tech check with you ASAP to tweak your settings and stuff.  It should only take 5 - 10 minutes.

Dancers please check into Zoom at 10:00 am Saturday, July 18th.  Raq the Harbor stats at 11:00 AM and this gives us time to fix things if anyone's having a connection problem.  You don't have to hang out in front of the camera all day, but leave your Zoom connection open.



All dance spots are 6 minutes (subject to change, but go with 6 mins for now)

We'll be using triple redundancy for Raq the Harbor audio.

Plan A (and hopefully the only one we'll need): Our audio technician David Metz will play your music using the sound share function.

Plan B:  If something goes wrong with David's connection I'll pay your music with sound share.

Plan C:  If both David and I have some sort of failure, you'll play your own music.  The tech check we do beforehand will make sure you're set up to do this if necessary.


Please email your music to both HasaniHafla@gmail.com and audibilitysound@gmail.com (that's David Metz, our audio guy) no later than July 11th.


I'll set it up so that I'm the only one able to record on Zoom.  I'll record the whole thing, and you'll have access to the raw footage of your own performance afterward if you like.





STAGE                                                                                                                                                  You get to create your own stage space this time!  Whether it's your living room, your kitchen, your patio, whatever, play around with the camera placement and make sure you're aware of when you're out of camera range.  Mark the floor with tape if you need to. 

Decorate if you like (or not), but bear in mind a simple, clear space behind you is best.  Cool accent pieces can be to the side if you want them in the shot. 

We'll check lighting during your tech check. Zoom is a little touchy about lighting and it's easy to wash yourself out with too much light.  Ambient light is usually adequate.  You can always run a test Zoom session with just yourself and record it to see how it looks.

HINT:  You will look skinnier if your camera points slightly down at you, rather than up.  ;)

Dancer Info

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